Estate Planning Is Crucial For Same-Sex Life Partners

Estate planning is important for everyone. Now with changes in same-sex legislation in Delaware, couples find it easier to have their goals and needs met. For married same-sex couples, estate planning encompasses the typical goals and concerns from pre-planning, maintaining control, ease of administration and beneficiary considerations to long term care planning. Unmarried same-sex couples, however, must still look for ways to protect their property, their children and their medical choices.

When no documents exist, the courts, by default, turn to the biological family. Unless you want your biological family to make decisions about your health care and your property, you need to plan now.

Legal planning is also helpful in preventing disputes should you and your partner have disagreements. Couples who have discussed issues such as the division of property, before such issues become problems, are in a better position to resolve conflicts amicably. When you engage in a process to clarify your intentions and wishes while you are getting along, you are less likely to have disputes should you break up, and are more likely to avoid a costly and painful legal battle.

No one likes thinking about breaking up, becoming ill, or dying. As difficult as this process is, this kind of planning can save tremendous heartache in the long run. Investing time and money now will ultimately save you time and money in the long run and help insure that you and your partner’s wishes are respected. Plan for the unexpected now, so that in a crisis, you and your partner are protected.

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*Courtesy of Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders.