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Do you have a Delaware will?

We can work with you at every stage in your life…

 whether you’re planning to combine households through marriage, planning for your children’s future, or planning for retirement.


Few of us like to address the inevitable: our deaths. But a will can give you a peace of mind that only comes from knowing your beneficiaries are named and your assets will be distributed as you prefer and not as the State mandates.

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Even with a properly executed will, most estates must go through probate,which, by law, is an eight-month period after which the Register of Wills takes a probate fee (this fee varies by county from 1.25% to 1.5%)…

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Powers of Attorney

Your health care decisions are big ones. At Weidman & Townsend, P.A. we can inform you of all the decisions you should make and help you choose that special person who is able and willing to carry out your wishes.

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We understand that navigating the legal world can sometimes make you feel uncertain and stressed. That is why we work with you, explaining each step of the legal process, no matter how easy or long. We’ll be there with you every step of the way.

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