Probate / Estate Administration

Dealing with the loss of a loved one can be overwhelming. We understand it can be a truly difficult time to focus on all the details. Our experienced attorneys and staff at Weidman & Townsend, P.A. are sensitive to your needs and offer thorough legal counsel.

What is Probate?

Probate is the public filing of an Estate after someone passes away (with or without a Will). In Delaware, the probate period is at least eight months and consists of at least three separate filings with the Register of Wills. The Sussex County Register of Wills takes a one and a quarter percent (1.25%) fee off of the assets that pass through probate. Let us guide you through the cumbersome process and ease your worries during an emotional time.

What is a Small Estate?

In special circumstances, if certain requirements are met, an eight month probate is not necessary. Our office can help you determine if your estate qualifies as a Small Estate under Delaware law.

If you are looking for assistance in administering an estate, make it a priority and contact Weidman & Townsend, P.A. for further information. Send an email or call 302-539-1388 in Ocean View, 302-227-7788 in Rehoboth Beach and 302-934-3999 in Millsboro.